Quality & Policy


  • To ensure % 100 customer satisfaction.
  • To employ qualified work force with team spirit.
  • To provide fast service.
  • To strive for constant improvement.
  • To provide the most perfect service.
  • To establish creative, innovative and improving staff.
  • To become an accomplished brand in lubricant industry.
  • To follow technological developments closely.
  • To generate solutions for the industry’s problems.
  • To maintain social values and principles.


  • To use energy, raw material and natural resources efficiently.
  • To improve our environmental performance constantly.
  • To minimize waste at its source.
  • To recycle and reuse waste
  • To dispose of non-recyclable waste by adequate methods.
  • To comply with environmental laws and regulations.
  • To guide and raise environmental awareness of suppliers
  • To strive for promoting environmental awareness among employees and society.